Friday, 2 November 2007

Bon voyage avec bon vin!

Dusty wine at barbecue, present and correct.

The pouring begins....

Tasty, tasty wine....

And I'm being laughed at for some strange reason. Again. But the wine is very tasty.

Looks like we drunk this one just in the nick of time!

Actually I just thought the cork looked kinda cool.

Yes I do need that holiday :-)

Thursday, 4 October 2007

number nine, number nine

Yes, yes, It's been a while between drinking the wine and updating the blog...and some more wine has been drunk in that time, so my memory is a little hazy...

The occasion was Snerg's birthday and Stui (warcrack boy) being in town.

The location was my house.

The wine was the Blair House Fowler Limestone Coast Shiraz (2000 I believe) and it was really really really good.

The food was - well I can't actually remember what I cooked but I'm sure it was yummy

The dessert was toxic purple pudding with a birthday candle for Snerg

The conversation was lovely and interesting and funny and strange

Mz Speedy even bought a truly dusty bottle of wine....

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

This is what eight was for

The safe arrival.The utter joy.
The bitter disappointment.
The sheer desperation.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Mystery Sceppo Guest Post

(Hey; I didn't say it was a _tough_ mystery...)

So I've always known I was a bit of a half-arsed wine geek. I can never remember the names, and while I appreciate a well-aged bottle I also still happily swill sangria. But still, I thought I was doing pretty good with how long I let some of those bottles in our Aussie collection age.

For Father's day, Dad cracked this out of his collection:

Yes, the number up the top of that bottle is 1976. I was six when these grapes were squished. Not only can't I imagine having the patience to wait that long to drink a bottle, I can't imagine having the nerve: Pinots apparently rarely last that long. (It was very tasty, but that paled in comparison to the aroma; this is one of the most delicious things I have ever smelt. Yum!) So I thought Dad deserved a guest blog for impressive restraint. Even Coz liked it:
...and you know how hard SHE is to please with wine...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

eight, eight, i forget what eight was for


I had a hankering to make lamby shanks and lured over Megzz & Snerg with the sirens call of food and wine.
Wine was poured (there is in fact a video of this but I can't figure out the wonders of YouTube)

Food was eaten (was very yummy. lamb fell off the bone so less of an individual shank effect, more of a delicious goo)
Wine was enjoyed (It was really really good. I'm not a big merlot fan but thought it was delicious. I think Snerg wanted to marry it)
Snerg was given a doggie bag. (He was the driver. The toxic looking purple stuff is leftover dessert. White Wings Self-Saucing Pudding. So wrong and yet soo good)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

wine the seventh

Limestone Coast

So, I went to Melbourne for a weekend and felt it was only appropriate that a dusty wine come along for the journey.
After all, I was staying that night with some of the delightful warcrack boys and girls and coz'n'ob are resposnsible for_that_ addiction.

So, I handed over the wine, warned that it had to be drunk tonight and that i had to take at least one photo of it for posterity.
Did you know people look at you funny when you try to explain about bottles of wine that have a blog?

Anyhoo, we drank it, it was nummy, we thought of you and then we went out to dinner. They still think I'm crazy.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

six, six, let me tell you about six!

Pepper Tree Wines
Reserve 2002 Chardonnay

I have been fabulously bad at remembering to take photos lately so there are none of everyone enjoying the wine.

So, the details were;

people came 'round (meg, snerg, lou, chen)

food was eaten (really really yummy lamb shanks in guinness)

conversation was had (wine making, grafting of vines, where the Chens will live next, knitting, food, robberies. you know, the normal stuff)

game was played (Carcassone until Lou threw her wine over the table in a fit of pique at something....ok, probably not, but she did knock her glass ver thus causing and end to the game)

Oh and the most important was drunk! It was delicious...perfect time for it to be drunk...decided it was at it's peak and you wouldn't want to wait too much longer.

This was much later in the night.....he's not MY husband, he's somebody else's