Tuesday, 29 May 2007

wine the seventh

Limestone Coast

So, I went to Melbourne for a weekend and felt it was only appropriate that a dusty wine come along for the journey.
After all, I was staying that night with some of the delightful warcrack boys and girls and coz'n'ob are resposnsible for_that_ addiction.

So, I handed over the wine, warned that it had to be drunk tonight and that i had to take at least one photo of it for posterity.
Did you know people look at you funny when you try to explain about bottles of wine that have a blog?

Anyhoo, we drank it, it was nummy, we thought of you and then we went out to dinner. They still think I'm crazy.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

six, six, let me tell you about six!

Pepper Tree Wines
Reserve 2002 Chardonnay

I have been fabulously bad at remembering to take photos lately so there are none of everyone enjoying the wine.

So, the details were;

people came 'round (meg, snerg, lou, chen)

food was eaten (really really yummy lamb shanks in guinness)

conversation was had (wine making, grafting of vines, where the Chens will live next, knitting, food, robberies. you know, the normal stuff)

game was played (Carcassone until Lou threw her wine over the table in a fit of pique at something....ok, probably not, but she did knock her glass ver thus causing and end to the game)

Oh and the most important thing.......wine was drunk! It was delicious...perfect time for it to be drunk...decided it was at it's peak and you wouldn't want to wait too much longer.

This was much later in the night.....he's not MY husband, he's somebody else's