Saturday, 9 June 2007

eight, eight, i forget what eight was for


I had a hankering to make lamby shanks and lured over Megzz & Snerg with the sirens call of food and wine.
Wine was poured (there is in fact a video of this but I can't figure out the wonders of YouTube)

Food was eaten (was very yummy. lamb fell off the bone so less of an individual shank effect, more of a delicious goo)
Wine was enjoyed (It was really really good. I'm not a big merlot fan but thought it was delicious. I think Snerg wanted to marry it)
Snerg was given a doggie bag. (He was the driver. The toxic looking purple stuff is leftover dessert. White Wings Self-Saucing Pudding. So wrong and yet soo good)


Destructomeg said...

And might I say, I didn't even get a sip of the takehome wine! sheesh!!! But I did get a mouthful of evil glow-in-the-dark purple pudding.

And the lamb 'shanks' were so very very very fine

anti ob said...

Mmmmm... lamb compote and wine; yum. I made black bean chili today, and despite a little "incident" with the salt it came out pretty nice. You guys wanna come round for dinner Friday?

DV said...

he's a good up some of his toxic pudding. he must like you.

dinner on friday sounds lovely Ob. I'll bring some duty-free :0

Destructomeg said...

Ob, we'll be there about 7ish tonight ;)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Ob, we'll be there about 7ish tonight ;)

give or take an hour or so - depends on the stopover ;-)