Friday, 23 February 2007

wine the fourth (a guest appearance)


Mouse & Tops came to dinner and bought a botrytis.

Daen decided it was too sweet for him and it was too sharp for Mouse. Hmm methinks they're crazy.

I'm such a huge fan of Tamburlaine wines. I haven't met a bad one yet and this was one of the better ones.

For mains we had a pork, fennel and borlotti bean casserole with some couscous, roast carrots and greens.
Dessert was a layered dish consisting of berry sorbet, chocolate goo and vanilla bean yoghurt (from the king island dairy people) with a cinnamon twist biscuit.

I should write menus for a living don't you think?

A lot of politics was discussed (no sex or religion unfortunately).
Krin had a nap on the cathair coated couch and wondered why her head exploded soon after. doctor, doctor..
I had a Nw nap and everyone was home by 11:30.

A very pleasant evening.

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Mousicles said...

I think the perception of the wine could have been effected by the fact I'd eaten half the dessert before tasting it. Who knows? That didn't seem to give anyone else problems apart from Nw. We're just fussy.

A pleasant evening and the boy was lovely and went to sleep both at dinner and when we got home.