Tuesday, 27 February 2007

number five is alive

West Cape Howe

I thought you might like to be there for dinner on my birthday. :)

It was more of an excuse to use up the kitty money collected from a year or two of dinner at fight club (dinner is always $10- and change goes into the kitty)
So, we went to Perama in Leichhardt
It's this fabulous greek restuarant that I'd been to before with Nw and his parents. Unfortunately I had a raging throat infectiona t the time so I chose the moussaka purely on the lack of chewing required. I couldn't tatse a thing. Everyone else raved about it though so I suspected it was good.
Last night, it rocked.
The waitstaff were lovely. Particularly one lass who got more excited over my birthday than I think I did.
Food was soooo good. Even Spyder and her lent-following-self was very satisfied

This wine was perfect as a follw on from the sparkling wine I also bought fom one of the southern highland wineries we went to last weekend.

The dish you can see in the background is the pork belly baklava we demolished as part of an entree.
It really was as good as it sounds!

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anti ob said...

Yum! Happy birthday!